Brent + Kate | A City Greenhouse Engagement

Kate and Brent met with me about a month ago and they are getting married this May! We decided to do just a mini photo session to get to know each other. We started at John’s Greenhouse, I’m telling you, if you haven’t been here, call them now to plan a visit.

The owners of John’s greenhouse are the sweetest humans I might have ever met, they even gave us all leopard lilies as a thank you for visiting the greenhouse.

After the greenhouse, we decided we should head to the crossroads because they both worked and adore the city 🙂


Kelley + Bradley | A Saint Petersburg Beach Wedding

Kelley and Bradley started dating in their early 20’s. They had their ups and downs and eventually found them selves thinking they couldn’t live without each other.

I actually first met Kelley when I moved to another dance studio at 10 years old. So then flash forward about 20 years later and we discover we are neighbors in a downtown loft. Such a small little world you know?

So Kelley and Bradley decided to take their wedding to Florida, I believe his mom still lives there.

This beach wedding was held at The Grand Plaza Hotel    

I think the most epic part of this wedding day was when their dog Panda, walked down the aisle and decided to pee in the aisle, everyone was belly rolling laughing. So classic


Jordan + Dustin | A Backyard Wedding

If you haven’t seen the Executive Hills Polo Club, you need to check them out. This venue is just so perfect for a backyard wedding.

We started the day with photos and just having a good time. The bridal party was playing backyard games and keeping it low key. Dustin and Jordan decided to serve each other during their ceremony and wash each other’s feet.

My favorite part was their send off, the guests got to throw confetti and this is my new favorite thing, let the photos explain themselves.

We had a big party and danced a lot. I just can’t explain how happy I am for you two 🙂


Executive hills Polo Club

Hair by Glammed by Brooke

Makeup by Shani Overfelt